This is a series of six photographs of Newcastle upon Tyne's amazing quayside, which can be used to create a 'David Hockney' style joiner.


The images were taken on an old Braun Norca III (circa 1951) medium format folding camera using Ilford HP5+ 120 film. The Norca allows you to shoot either 6x6 or 6x8 negatives, but I opted for the classic square format in this instance.

The film was developed for 5 minutes in Kodak HC-110 dilution B at 20°C, and the 8x8 inch photographs printed by Digitalab in Newcastle upon Tyne. The 35x18 inch frame was produced by the Factory Framing Centre and they also provided a bleached white backing mount to fit.

So if you like it and would like your own version on your wall, download the full resolution images below for free, and use the local businesses that I did. You can lay out the images however you like, so each one will be a little different to any others.

To download full resolution versions just click on the image you want to download. The image will open up full screen. If you hover over this full screen image you will see a series of icons appear at the bottom right of the screen. The icon with a downwards pointing arrow is the one you should click to start the download. Don't just 'right-click / save' as this will only save the low resolution preview.

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